Swinger Lift

Capacity: 1k lb.

Swinger Lift Features

The Swinger Lift Can Provide Up To 180° Of Rotation.
Starting With An Affordable Initial Price Point Makes this Hoist A Great Way To Lift And Store Your pwc.
Available In Motorized Or Hand Crank Designs Make It A breeze To Hoist And Store Pwc.
Having 9' Of Avaliable Travel Makes This Hoist Ideal For Areas Where Water Flucuation Can Become A Problem.
  • When raised no portion of the lift remains in the water.
  • Convient pile mount installation.
  • Long travel height.
  • 6′ Long cradles standard.
  • Optional Gem wireless remote avaliable.
  • 110v power standard on motorized model.
  • Minimal water depth required for use.
  • Safe over land storage.